My first ever OwlCrate box is here!

Oh man, I love receiving some good mail. While the daily mail (not a reference to the medium where I get my celebrity intake I swear) is not all that exciting, I’m always anxiously awaiting the doorbell to ring when I’ve ordered something. Because then I know GOOD MAIL IS COMING.

Since becoming more active on Bookstagram, I kept seeing these fun subscription boxes pop up. They all looked awesome, OwlCrate in particular. I participated in Secret Santa last Christmas and I soooo enjoyed the anticipation for my package to arrive. So when it was announced that the January box of OwlCrate would be themed ‘magic’ and would contain a Funko, I knew I just had to order it this time.

OwlCrate is a monthly YA subscription box. It contains a new YA novel and some bookish goodies, all centered around the theme of the month. For an idea of whats in the box, check out an overview of the past boxes here.

It’s shipped from the US of A, so I had to wait for a bit and kept refreshing the tracking info multiple times a day. But here it is!

OwlCrate Jan 1 OwlCrate Jan 2

So first, there’s this card with great design from OwlCrate with a list of all the items in the box. Pictured above are two great designs by Evie Seo. I’m always looking with heart-eyes at her shop, so I’m so happy she contributed to this months box! There’s a book mark with a quote from the Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and a print with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite series by one of my favorite writers.. You get it, I lovelovelove this Throne of Glass print.

OwlCrate Jan 3

I got the Harry Potter Funko! It’s so cute. I recently bought my first Funko’s (Katniss and Khaleesi) and I love them. So now that I have Harry, I should get Ron and Hermione too of course. OH! And I read that there are new HP Funko’s in the making, with Luna <3 and Draco. Can’t wait for those. Also pictured is a Patronus lip balm from Geek Fire Labs which tastes like mint and white chocolate. It’s lovely and I like the packaging.

OwlCrate Jan 4

This months book is Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley. It’s a fiction novel about the Brontë sisters with some fantasy and magical elements. It came with a handwritten letter from the author (man I love details like this) and an old school paper doll kit. I actually don’t know that much about the Brontës. I’ve read Jane Eyre but it’s been ages and I never even read Wuthering Heights. One of my resolutions was to read more classics this year, so I want to read those before reading Worlds of Ink and Shadow.

OwlCrate Jan 5

I really enjoyed this months OwlCrate. International shipping isn’t cheap, so that’s why I hadn’t ordered one before. But this one was as amazing as I had hoped. Not all monthly themes are really my thing, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on upcoming boxes. The anticipation and unwrapping is so much fun!

What do you think about (bookish) subscription boxes? Did you ever receive an OwlCrate? If so, what has been your favorite so far?

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